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Our Mission

Dedicated to providing the community with quality, service and value when it comes to food.

Green Policies

Greener Initiatives

Newell Stores is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. We consider the interests of our local community and society by taking responsibility for the impact of our own activities on customers, suppliers, employees, stakeholders and communities as well as the environment.

Greener Initiatives

We are committed to providing a safer, more sustainable, efficient business, enhancing our local economy and enriching the local communities we serve.

We are committed to responsibly managing the environmental impact of our operations and the products that we sell. Environmental management also makes good business sense. By ensuring we use resources efficiently we can work towards reducing our carbon footprint. As a result, we continue to implement a progressive approach to environmental management in order to deliver gradual improvement year on year.

Respect for our environment

Almost all aspects of our operations have an impact on the environment. The most significant is our carbon footprint from the energy we use for lighting, heating and refrigeration. We all have a role to play in tackling climate change and our focus is on making our buildings more energy efficient.

Less is more. The less energy and fuel we use the better our carbon footprint. We started by measuring our total energy consumption and have introduced four measures that will help us track and improve our energy use:

  • Introduction of Solar panels
  • Introduction of Bio Mass heating system
  • Introduction of Paperless System
  • Introduction of LED lighting

We have successfully rolled out more efficient LED lighting across our stores and back of house areas, such as stockrooms and back offices. This work is already having an impact so we will continue with the next phase in the year ahead.

Recycling and waste reduction

We are working to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste produced from our operations thereby minimising the commercial waste sent to landfill. The majority of waste produced by our operations is cardboard and plastic packaging and we recycle close to 100% of these materials. Cardboard and plastic are segregated in store, baled and returned back into the recycling industry.

Did you know that you can play your part by recycling your dead batteries at our stores free of charge? Look out for the green tubs at the tills.

We charge a £1 deposit for trolleys to encourage everyone to bring them back where they belong in our trolley bays.

Reducing Carrier Bags

Reducing the number of single-use plastic carrier bags we hand out has been a focus for many years, with our staff habitually asking customers whether they need a carrier bag and promoting the use of re-usable bags. We offer a range of reusable bags instore from thick multiple use plastic bags to our Christmas Jute bag made from natural materials.


Meet Our Suppliers



Our Delicatessen counter is filled with dishes on a daily basis giving you a creative choice when it comes to soups, sides, salads & sandwiches.


Our meat is cut, tenderized and aged on site by a team of skilled butchers who spend their days hand crafting sausages, burgers and marinades.

Fruit & Veg

Our greengrocers prioritize freshness and quality to fill your basket with the best fruit and veg available.


Flaky pastries, crusty rolls, floury baps and traditional keady loaves are baked daily from 6am meaning our bakery shelves are filled by 8 o’clock.
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Newell Stores Dungannon

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